What is this all about?

Save My NJ Library is a movement to save all libraries in the state of New Jersey from being decommissioned, torn down, and sold. The state government has been trying to cut the library budget for over a decade, saying that people and students are able to get more information from the internet. We are out to prove the libraries still serve a large purpose in our communities! They are the backbone of how certain individuals learn. We provide so much more than books these days. Our conference rooms are used to teach and for group activities. If budgets are cut (or worse, the libraries are torn down), where are these people going to go?

How you can help!

SaveMyNJLibrary.org is a grass-roots movement led by people just like you. We hold monthly meetings to discuss the future of the libraries in NJ and ways for us to raise money on their behalf. To get involved, please scroll down and view our calendar to learn more about upcoming events.

We also accept donations at almost all NJ libraries. Our sponsors are the ones who keep this movement alive and we greatly appreciate that!

Soon we will have implemented an online donation page where you can donate from the comfort of your own home and even set up recurring donations!

Why community involvement is important.

Unfortunately, politicians do not see the big picture when it comes to libraries. They look at a library and see a way to cut spending by getting rid of it. For over a decade we have banded together to fight off these politicians and raise money to keep our libraries going strong. New Jersey community involvement is key for keeping this organization going. Please stop by and support your local library by donating and calling your local government official and letting them know you appreciate the services that your local library provides.

Message From Our Board Members

Government programs have long been languished by the citizens of NJ. However, the state library system has been the one program that has managed to come away from each and every town hall meeting unscathed. What does this say about the value that libraries provide individuals?

Actions speak louder than words.

Now that the NJ budget is being slashed again, lawmakers are trying to shut down many of the beloved libraries across the state. Some libraries cost nearly fractions of percentage points to operate (when judging the entire state budget).

“The damage of removing state libraries goes far beyond the education of our citizens, it will effect many businesses as well,” says Stella Reynolds of Digitalux┬áDigital Marketing and SEO Company. Stella represents Digitalux when running intro training courses for small to mid-sized businesses to learn how to best market themselves online (via Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and more). “We use libraries as more than just a place to read books, they are community centers for many people.”

While we understand not everyone can afford to donate hundreds to this cause, if you choose to we will be eternally grateful. Your money will go directly to helping fund to keep the libraries open and maintained. None of our funds go to pay big executives (even our website was donated by the fine folks at Digitalux).

If you choose to donate, will will add you to our list of sponsors here.

Let’s work together to keep libraries in New Jersey!